Understanding the Captain’s License Process

The process of getting your captain’s license can seem overwhelming. We break it down into manageable steps. The section below covers the following topics: getting informed, enrolling, and orientation. If you need anything please call and we can answer your questions (866) 293-9308. We thank you for taking the time to read this over, and we are here to help you at each step along the path to achieving your ultimate goal of having a captain’s license!


Get Informed

When you understand the captain’s licensing process from start to finish, each individual step will make more sense. The process goes like this. You enroll in the modules which make up your course. You complete the modules and then test in person at one of our sites. We get your test results from the instructor and issue a certificate of training. The certificate of training is included in your application packet that you send to the US Coast Guard. The application packet you send the USCG contains the following items:

  • Application
  • Sea service
  • Physical
  • Drug test
  • Conviction disclosure
  • Certificate of training
  • CPR & first aid
  • TWIC application receipt
  • Pay.gov receipt

The USCG receives your complete application packet, processes your license, and issues your license. This is how the process works in a nutshell.


To enroll in the modules visit our bookstore and click on the module you would like to buy. To complete the captain’s license course you must complete the following four modules: Rules of the Road, Navigation General, Chart Navigation, and Deck General. When you purchase the modules you receive three emails – 1) username and password for the website shopping cart, 2) username and password for the online classroom, and 3) a receipt for the purchase. The username and password for the website shopping cart allows you to get in and view orders and purchase more modules. The username and password for the online classroom allows you to access the modules you purchased in the online classroom. The email containing the receipt lets you view what you ordered.


You can go about orientation in two ways. The first way is to give us a call at (231) 946-5136 and we will walk you through the course and getting you off on the right foot. The other way is to watch the orientation video in the beginning of each module. Both methods cover the resources available to you and how to take your first quiz. Do not worry about getting questions wrong or failing quizzes. The quizzes are there for practice and you can take them as many times as you like whenever you would like.