Marine Radio Operator Permit (MP)



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Full Course Description

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Marine Radio Operator Permit (MP)

A Marine Radio Operator Permit (MP) is required to operate radiotelephone stations aboard certain vessels that sail the Great Lakes. They are required to operate radiotelephone stations aboard vessels of more than 300 gross tons and vessels which carry more than six passengers for hire in the open sea or any tidewater area of the United States. They are required to operate certain aviation radiotelephone stations and certain coast radiotelephone stations.

Complete the Course

The course consists of FCC Element 1 – Basic radio law and operating practice. Below is a detailed list of how to complete Element 1.

  1. Study the question pool.
  2. Pass the Final Practice Quiz with a 90% or higher to unlock the Final Exam.
  3. Create your FCC User Profile and get your FRN (FCC Registration Number)
  4. Contact us to schedule your Final Exam via Web Conference.
  5. During the Web Conference we:
    1. Verify your identity
    2. Administer the Final Exam
    3. Email you an online form to fill out
    4. Check the information provided for typos

Get the Marine Radio Operator Permit (MP) Official Copy

  1. We submit your application to the FCC.
  2. The FCC processes your application and sends you an email stating “The FCC Pay Fees System link below provides for electronic payment of required fees by credit card.”
  3. Pay the FCC a $35 fee and they issue your license.
  4. Download the official copy of your license from the FCC’s Website.


To qualify for a Marine Radio Operator Permit you must:

  • be a legal resident of (or otherwise eligible for employment in) the United States
  • be able to receive and transmit spoken messages in English
  • pass the Element 1 exam

Term of License

A Marine Radio Operator Permit is issued for the holder’s lifetime.