Captains License
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Get your Captains
License Online

Check Out Our Four Step Plan

Get your Captains License Online

Follow the four step process to get your captains license

Follow the four step process to get your captains license

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Get your Captains
License Online

FCC License
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Get your Captains
License Online

Check Out Our Four Step Plan

Get your FCC License Online

Follow the four step process to get your FCC license

Follow the four step process to get your FCC license

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Get your FCC
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Our process is convenient, reliable, and proven. If you would like to talk with a captain’s licensing specialist or schedule an exam please call (866) 293-9308. We are here to help.

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Get Your Captains License

Follow the four step process to get your captains license



Online Final Exam


Online Captains License Courses

Complete your captain’s license course and final examination online. We currently offer 12 different online captains license courses and we are adding six more in the next couple of months.

Would you like a mentor and guidance?

Weekly virtual meeting on a flexible schedule. Make sure you have a practical understanding of the material and pass the Online Final Examination first try with a high score.

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Get your FCC License Online

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Online Final Exam


FCC License Elements

Mix and match FCC Elements to get the FCC License you want.  Buy them all at once or one at a time. 

What Our Students Are Saying

I have put off upgrading my 100 ton license way too long and, after taking the course, I am not sure why because it is self paced, easy to follow, low stress and resonably priced.

~Victor B. (Upgrade OUPV to Master)

The course was very educational and well setup.

~William R. (Online OUPV)

As someone who has trouble concentrating I enjoyed this course a lot. It was easy to follow and thorough throughout. I really enjoyed the key statements following the videos, the repetition of what I was reading was very helpful. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their master – 100 tons!

~ Megan G. (Online Master 100 Course)

The course was laid out in such a manner as to allow students to build knowledge in steps. Very Comprehensive. 

~ Jeff M. (Blended Master Captain’s License Course)

This online training course is exceptionally good. I had been struggling with the material for about a year, trying to do it by myself and some books and my license to test was about to expire. My math skills are mediocre or bad. When I finally reached out to and signed up for the online OUPV course (6-pack) the game changed. The course is very well structured – you can’t move on until you master a chapter. I even understood the math – it was very well explained and I passed with the best grades. I studied 3 weeks non-stop and am a licensed captain now. Sue, Neil, John and David were very practical, helpful and quick to respond. I am so pleased. If I can do this – you can too! Don’t struggle, take this course. Thank you all!
~ Eva Dorrepaal (Online OUPV Course)

The online course and material was very well structured. I was very impressed, as I had previously taken in person classes. I won’t go back to in person classes as this allows us to go at our own pace!

~ Mark W. (Master Increase in Scope)

Anytime I was unsure of a situation, whether it be, not understanding a question, or the process in general, all I had to do was call or email and someone was able to help clarify immediately.

~ Mario R. (Online OUPV + Upgrade to Master 100)

I honestly don’t believe there is a comparable training system out there to obtain a Captains license. The way the program is designed once you sign up, along with the study information provided gives you everything you need to succeed. I was nervous being a little older and not having studied for a test in many years that it might be a struggle. Due to the US Captains training practice test structure, I ended up getting 100% on every section of the 5 tests. I would recommend US Captains training to everyone looking to obtain a license.

~Michael B. (Online Captain’s License Courses)

Your excellent prompt responses to inquiries, the simplicity of your website tools and time saving online testing service was a life saver! I highly recommend US Captains Training.

~Joel Fisher (FCC GROL)

Course was great, well put together, the information and readings were very helpful in aiding me to study and prepare myself for the exam.

~Michael G (Upgrade Master 100 to Master/Mate 200)

Excellent experience. The learning objectives were well met. That helps both in successfully passing the exams and the ability to apply what I learned in real life applications. Thank you!

~Gregg D (Online Master Captain’s License Course)

I found out about this training online and it worked out perfectly for me. I really enjoyed being able to complete the course on my own time. 

The videos that were linked in the modules went over each section and were so helpful. Plus everyone I talked to and emailed was so nice and knowledgeable. Thank you! 

~Jennalauren T. (Virtual Master Captain’s License Course)

Cpt. John explains material and instructs with mastery. He will go to great lengths to ensure that every student understands and can remember the material he teaches. His availability is never ending and it is evident that his dedication to serving those signed up in his classes is second to none.

~Mike M. (Virtual Master Captain’s License Course)

The course well surpassed my expectations. Using the online presentations in conjunction with the virtual classes helped solidify the information.  This approach made the information logical and easier to remember as well as allowing a pace that worked around a busy schedule. Thank you!

~Chuck (Virtual Master 100) 

This was an excellent program, I enjoyed every bit of it and plan on continuing on with my studies with US Captain’s Training.

~ Victor D. (Virtual Master 100 Course)

I am grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by such helpful personnel. 

~Armen T. (Online Master 100)

Awesome program and content with great lectures and easy communication when I had any questions.

Christian M. (Online OUPV)

“Capt John was excellent! very accommodating to our various skill levels, ensuring no one was left behind or unclear on any topic. Excellent focus on ensuring we were prepared for the on the water skill, but the test as well.

Hybrid format worked great as well, even though I was looking for in-person due to my lack of attention span 🙂  Would highly recommend to any mariner who is looking to be on the water as a profession or just for better knowledge.”

~ Brian S

Virtual OUPV

I greatly appreciate the layout of the program, but above all else I am tremendously grateful a program like this exists for busy mariners who have limited time off for licensure.”

Richard C.

Upgrade Master 100 to Master 200 Tons

Great course, very easy to navigate and great content.

Grant T.

Master Upgrade Master 100 to Master 200




“This course was very well organized and designed to help the student succeed with relative ease. Course material, modules, video, and practice quizzes were extremely helpful.”

~Thomas D. (Online Master)

“Great flow of information! Presentations were good length and provided mush detail. After taking the online modules I felt very prepared for testing!”

James L.

Upgrade Master 100 to Master 200

US Captains Training is a customer oriented and professional organization with a very friendly staff that will help you get your licenses quickly.

I signed up for a number of FCC tests (Elements 1, 3 & 6 and Telegraphy Elements 1 & 2). The US Captains Training Website is easy to navigate and has sub-element quizzes for each test element to help you prepare.

The actual proctored exams are done over the web from the convenience of your home. Neil was my proctor for the FCC tests, and he was very accommodating for scheduling the tests.

After passing the tests, Neil handled all the paperwork with the FCC and I had my license within an hour or so.

I highly recommend US Captains Training.

Albert Z.

Radiotelegraph Operator License (T)

Thank you for the amazing virtual class! I loved the set up and that I never had to leave my home.


Virtual Master Captain’s License Course

I started out using Mariner’s Learning System, totally on line. At some point, I really needed to ask a question, and they simply aren’t set up for that. I called the 800 office number and “Capt Alex” was rude and arrogant. I found a company (US Captains) and WOW, what a difference! Their manuals follow a much more logical process, and they post YouTube videos that are so incredibly helpful. I didn’t realize how archaic the Mariners system was until I was exposed to US Captains. There really is no comparison, US Captains utilizes modern technology and Mariners was like something written out of the 80s with no updates.

David Stults

Captain’s License Course

Painless process. Great course!


OUPV + Towing Endorsement Student


Thank you all for your help and support for the training and evaluation. There are a few more things to do on the checklist before I send off the application to the Coast Guard.

The online courses were well laid out and thorough. The video was helpful and succinct. I particularly liked the encouragement statements every time I got through a quiz. There is so little of that in education these days – recognition of effort and hard work. It’s the sign of a good teacher!l

I’ll recommend this training to anyone and everyone.


Empower mariners with straight forward captains license courses that work.

Neil Smith
US Captain’s Training

1st I took a (different) online course that was a disaster, 2nd I took US Captain’s Training online. Seamless! Thank you.

Online Captains License Course

US Captains Training is the most helpful licensing and testing service hands down.

Classroom Captain’s License Course

Thanks for getting my MROP processed so quickly!

FCC License

Wow! That was crazy fast!
Thanks again,

FCC License

The course was excellent, we covered a large amount of material in a short amount of time and I feel I am a better mariner for it.

Online Captain’s License Course

Sue, Bryan, and Neil,

I can’t thank you enough for a great experience with U.S. Captain’s Training. Your course not only prepared me perfectly for the tests but it also provided a thorough understanding of all the material, some of which I haven’t studied nor used before. It is always a pleasure working with people who are local and are hands-on operators.
Best regards and many thanks,

Online Captain’s License Course