Welcome to US Captain’s Training

We provide online captain’s license courses and blended classroom captain’s license courses. We also provide fully online FCC courses. Online captain’s license courses are completed online and testing is done in person. Our blended captain’s license courses are started online and finished in a classroom. FCC licensing is done completely online and you receive your official copy in an email from the FCC.



To begin the process of getting your captain’s license you must get informed about how the process works. Once you understand the process you are ready to enroll in your first online captain’s license module. After you enroll we orientate you into the module to make sure you know how to take a quiz and understand what resources are available to help you along the way.

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Test & Apply

Complete the online captain’s license modules by passing all of the quizzes in each module. Passing all of the quizzes in a modules unlocks a certificate of completion and shows you are ready to test in person for that module. In person testing takes place by appointment. Schedule a time to test in person at one of our US Coast Guard approved locations. The final step to get your captain’s license is to complete an application packet for your captain’s license and submit it to the US Coast Guard.

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Once you have your captain’s license, you yourself can become a USCG approved qualified instructor for US Captain’s Training! Send us your resume and we submit it to the USCG for approval. We work with you to get site approval for a location of your choice. You can then start proctoring exams and teaching courses.

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