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What Our Students are Saying

1st I took a (different) online course that was a disaster, 2nd I took US Captain’s Training online. Seamless! Thank you.


Online Captains License Course

US Captains Training is the most helpful licensing and testing service hands down.


Classroom Captain's License Course

Thanks for getting my MROP processed so quickly!


FCC License

Wow! That was crazy fast!
Thanks again,


FCC License

The course was excellent, we covered a large amount of material in a short amount of time and I feel I am a better mariner for it.


Online Captain's License Course

Sue, Bryan, and Neil,

I can’t thank you enough for a great experience with U.S. Captain’s Training. Your course not only prepared me perfectly for the tests but it also provided a thorough understanding of all the material, some of which I haven’t studied nor used before. It is always a pleasure working with people who are local and are hands-on operators.
Best regards and many thanks,



Online Captain's License Course