Captains License FAQ’s

1. Complete a captain’s license course
2. Send a complete packet to the US Coast Guard (USCG)
3. USCG processes your packet and issues you a license

The time it takes to complete the online modules that make up the OUPV and Master captain’s license course varies by student. The average time frame is 2 – 4 weeks if you spend 2 hours per day.

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Enrolling right from the course page is the best way to get started because a lot of the process is automated. If you are confused at all after you enroll contact us and we will be sure you have access to your course and understand the process by which the course is completed.

Complete the Exam Modules by passing quizzes which unlock topics sequentially. The final practice quiz unlocks a Certificate of Achievement for the exam module. Unlock the Certificate of Achievement for each exam module which makes up your course and you are ready for the Online Final Examination.

Online Final ExaminationTake the Final Examination Online as soon as you are ready. The process is convenient, reliable and USCG approved. You are never alone during Online Final Examinations. Your proctor is always present to guide you through the process.

PrepareComplete the Exam Modules which make up your Course. You must complete your Exam Modules before you may schedule your Final Examination.

ScheduleContact us to connect with your proctor for the Online Final Examination. During the initial consultation you schedule your first exam session as well as ask questions you might have about the process.

CompletePass the Final Exam for each of the Exam Modules which make up your Course.

Answers to FAQ’s about the Online Final Examination– You may take the final examination in multiple sessions so you can review and study between sessions.
– Once you start the final examination you have 90 days to finish.
– You have three chances to pass each exam module.
– If you fail any exam module three times the USCG requires that you must start over.
– If you need to start over you do not need to repurchase the course, you simply pay a retest fee to compensate the proctor for a second round of testing.
– The online Final Examination is the only final examination you need to take. There is no testing with the USCG. Our Online Final Examination has been approved by the USCG and is in lieu of testing at the REC.

The online course is a combination of video lectures, readings, practice problems, video solutions to practice problems, and quizzes.

Yes you will. We created the exams from an existing bank of Coast Guard questions which will be covered in class.

Yes, you take the Online Final Examination with US Captains Training.

Our passing rate is very high All students are required to complete the online modules whether they take a Blended Classroom Course or an Online Captain’s License Course. Completing the online modules proves you are ready to take the in person final exams. Our courses do not expire, we don’t give up on you!

Upon completion of the Online Final Examination your Certificate of Training unlocks and you may download it right away. Include the Certificate of Training with your USCG Application Packet. Keep in mind that the Certificate of Training is valid for one year from the issuance date on the Certificate.

USCG License ApplicationYou must submit an Application Packet to the US Coast Guard (USCG) to earn a license. You may submit your application packet to the USCG before or after taking a course.

IMPORTANT: Your course completion certificate (Certificate of Training) will satisfy the testing requirements for your license however, we recommend preparing your application and submitting it ASAP. The application evaluation process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. You do NOT need to include your course completion certificate with your application. If your application is evaluated and approved for issuance, you will be given one year to complete the course!

If you need help putting your application together, we have prepared the following resources:

– A USCG Application Packet Course is included with your purchase! This course contains videos that guide you through each section of each form that makes up a USCG Application Packet so you can submit it to the USCG yourself.
– We have created an Application Form Generator to help prefill some of the forms for you.
– The National Maritime Center website has resources including live chat if you have questions for the USCG.
– If this process seems overwhelming, time consuming, or if you just want professional help putting your application together, we recommend contacting Diamond Marine Services. The team at DMS have credentialing experts and former National Maritime Center evaluators on their staff and can quickly guide you to a complete and properly prepared application. You can reach them at 877-335-6341.

Application PacketA USCG application packet contains everything the USCG needs to process and issue your captain’s license. Fill out the Forms and complete the Tasks below to create an application packet. Don’t forget to try our Application Form Generator!

FormsThe US Coast Guard (USCG) application packet consists of the following USCG forms. Visit our Application Page for video tutorials of each form.

– Certificate of Training – ISSUED UPON COURSE COMPLETION

TasksTo complete an application packet you must complete the following tasks.

TWIC: Applicants for original licenses must apply for a TWIC and include the receipt in their application packet.
Pay.Gov: Go to Pay.Gov and pay processing and issuance of your license.
CPR & First Aid: Take this USCG Approved Online CPR & First Aid Course. Send a copy of your CPR & First Aid Card in with your application packet.

Application Packet CostsThe total cost of completing a USCG application packet will vary. The figures below are cost estimates based on our experience.

– Physical and Drug Test – $160 – This is our best estimate for a physical and drug test.
— Any primary care physician can complete the USCG Physical (719K).
— We recommend US Drug Test Centers 866-566-0261 for scheduling a drug screen at a local lab.
TWIC: $125 – Applicants for original licenses must apply for a TWIC.
Pay.Gov: $145 – Pay for processing and issuance of your license. Renewals and modification of an existing license will cost less.
CPR & First Aid: $74.95 – Online and USCG Approved.

Certificate of TrainingThe Certificate of Training satisfies USCG testing requirements. Once you complete the course and online final examination your Certificate of Training is issued. As a reminder, you can prepare and submit your application before completing the course. Keep in mind that due to USCG regulation, your Certificate of Training is only valid for one year.

– If you completed the course first, please include your certificate of training with your application.
– If you have already submitted your application, you can send your Certificate of Application via email to

Email your Application PacketPlease follow the USCG Electronic Submission Instructions to email your complete USCG Application Packet to the Regional Examination Center (REC) nearest you. The USCG processes and issues your license once they have evaluated your application packet. The USCG evaluation process takes about four to six weeks.

If your packet is incomplete or filled out incorrectly the USCG will mail you a letter explaining what additional information they need. Get that information together and send it to the USCG to keep the process moving.

No. You have one year from the last day of class to finish your USCG packet and mail it to the USCG.

The minimum requirement to qualify for either an OUPV or an Inland Master Captain’s License is is the same and is listed below.
– 360 days total (from the time you were 16 years old to the present time)u
– 90 days in the last three years (of the 360 total days)

Document your sea time using Small Vessel Sea Service Forms. For a complete explanation please watch our How-To video included in our Applications Video Series

You must take a USCG Approved CPR & First Aid Course. There is a fully online U.S. Coast Guard Approved Blended CPR u0026amp; First Aid course available.

On the website search for locations in your area and get the correct phone number to make an appointment.

This is a very common question. The answer is you have to be resourceful and do detective work. Contact the facility that registered the vessel or dig up old insurance records of the vessel or find pictures of the vessel that show the registration numbers.

The most common fees for an original issue are shown below. The fees will be different for renewal, upgrades, and increases. user fee image

The towing endorsement allows you to engage in commercial assistance towing within the scope of your license. The best example of what the Assistance Towing Endorsement allows you to do is work for companies like SeaTow or TowBoat US. Basically, you can legally tow disabled vessel and get paid for it.

A sailing endorsement authorizes the holder to take more than six paying passengers sailing.

If the vessel is documented, look on the certificate of documentation. You might get this information by contacting the vessel’s manufacturer. If all else fails just fill out the length, width, and depth of the vessel on the small vessel sea service form and the Coast Guard will calculate it when they go through your paperwork. Below is a link to our Tonnage Calculation Video if you would like to make an approximation of your vessel gross registered tonnage