Telegraphy Element 1



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Full Course Description

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Telegraphy Element 1 – 16 Code Groups Per Minute

FCC Telegraphy Element 1 requires you to decode a message at 16 code groups per minute.

Telegraphy Element 1 is a required telegraphy element for following FCC license:

  • Radiotelegraph Operator License (T)

Complete Telegraphy Element 1 – 16 Code Groups Per Minute

To complete the telegraphy element work your way down the list below.

  • Study the practice messages and decode them.
  • Schedule your web conference proctor session. Call (866) 293-9308 or Contact us via email.
  • During the Web Conference we:
    • Check your identity.
    • Supervise the decoding of the final message and check for a satisfactory result.
    • When all of the Elements that make up the (T) license are complete we submit your application.

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