Online Captain’s License Courses are convenient, reliable, and affordable.They provide the resources and practice exams which let you pass the Online Final Examination first try with a high score. The price of each course includes the Online Final Examination which is scheduled by appointment with our USCG approved online examination specialist. There are no time limits on courses so you may take as long as you would like. It is also possible to complete the course in a very short time and take your Online Final Examination right away.

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How Online Captain’s License Courses Work

USCG approved courses consist of exam modules.

Examples of a multi-exam courses include OUPV (Six Pack), Master, and Increase in Scope from Inland to Near Coastal. Examples of single-exam courses include Sailing, Towing, Upgrades, and Renewals.

To complete a course, finish its online exam module(s), and then take the Online Final Examination with our USCG approved specialist.


A USCG Application Packet Course is complimentary with any purchase. It features instructional videos for each form in the packet.

You may also use the services of our partner Diamond Marine Services to ensure your application packet is complete, submitted properly, and results in the best license for you in a timely manner.

How to Complete US Captains Training Courses

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Steps to complete the Captains License Courses


For captain’s license qualifications, you can consult the USCG checklist or for a more concise list relevant to your license, head on over to our shop. Select your course, scroll below the images, and click the “LICENSE QUALIFICATIONS” tab for the checklist that is applicable to that license.


To enroll in a course go to our Shop, click on the course, click the “Buy Now” button and proceed through checkout. Once checked out, you are redirected to your “My Courses” page where you can click on your course to get started. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Course Materials

The OUPV, Master, and Steersman courses have physical materials that are shipped to you once you enroll in the course. All the other courses have digital resources that that are organized within the online classroom.

To see what is included with each course visit our Shop, click on the course you are interested in and check out the product images. Read through the full course description located under the product images to gain an understanding of the entire process from start to finish. There are four informational tabs to read through, they are; Course Description, License Qualifications, Final Examination and License Application.

Complete the Course

To complete the course students must unlock topics sequentially by passing quizzes. Once all of the quizzes in an exam module are passed a Certificate of Achievement is unlocked for that module. Print, sign, and email the certificate to your proctor during the Online Final Examination. All exam modules must be finished before the final exam.

Courses have lifetime access, allowing flexibility in scheduling the Online Final Examination.

Online Final Examination

Take your Final Examination Online as soon as you are ready! Contact us to connect with our USCG approved online examination specialist to schedule your exam.

USCG License Application

You must submit an Application Packet to the US Coast Guard (USCG) to earn a license. You may submit your application packet to the USCG before or after taking a course.

Important Item of NoteYour course completion certificate (Certificate of Training) will satisfy the testing requirements for your license however, we recommend preparing your application and submitting it ASAP. The application evaluation process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. You do NOT need to include your course completion certificate with your application. If your application is evaluated and approved for issuance, you will be given one year to complete the course!

Application Packet

A USCG application packet contains everything the USCG needs to process and issue your captain’s license.
Fill out the Forms and complete the Tasks below to create an application packet.

Application Form Generator

Online tools built to help you succeed.


APPLICATION: Application for Merchant Mariner Credential (Form CG-719B)
SEA SERVICE: Small Vessel Sea Service Form (Optional CG-719S)
PHYSICAL: Application for Medical Certification (Form CG-719K)
DRUG TEST: DOT/USCG Periodic Drug Test Form (Optional 719P)
OATH FORM: Merchant Mariner Oath (46 USC)
CONVICTION STATEMENT: Disclosure Statement for Narcotic, DWI/DUI, and/or Other Convictions Form (Optional Form CG-719C)


To complete an application packet you must complete the following tasks.
  • TWIC

    Applicants for original licenses must apply for a TWIC and include the receipt in their application packet.

  • Pay.Gov

    Go to Pay.Gov and pay processing and issuance of your license.

  • CPR & First Aid

    Take this USCG Approved Online CPR & First Aid Course. Send a copy of your CPR & First Aid Card in with your application packet.

Application Packet Costs

The total cost of completing a USCG application packet will vary. The figures below are cost estimates based on our experience.
  • Physical and Drug Test / $160 (best estimate)

    USCG Physical (719K) can be completed by any primary care physician. For scheduling a drug screen at a local lab, we recommend contacting US Drug Test Centers at 866-566-0261

  • TWIC / $125

    Applicants for original licenses must apply for a TWIC.

  • Pay.Gov / $145

    Pay for processing and issuance of your license. Renewals and modification of an existing license will cost less.

  • CPR & First Aid / $74.95

    Online and USCG Approved.

Certificate of Training

The Certificate of Training satisfies USCG testing requirements. Once you complete the course and online final examination your Certificate of Training is issued. As a reminder, you can prepare and submit your application before completing the course. Keep in mind that due to USCG regulation, your Certificate of Training is only valid for one year.
  • If you completed the course first,

    please include your certificate of training with your application.

  • If you have already submitted your application,

    you can send your Certificate of Application via email to

Email your Application Packet

Please follow the USCG Electronic Submission Instructions to email your complete USCG Application Packet to the Regional Examination Center (REC) nearest you. The USCG processes and issues your license once they have evaluated your application packet. The USCG evaluation process takes about four to six weeks.

If your packet is incomplete or filled out incorrectly the USCG will mail you a letter explaining what additional information they need. Get that information together and send it to the USCG to keep the process moving.

Helpful Resources

National Maritime Center

This website offers resources, including live chat support for USCG-related questions

Diamond Marine Services

They provide Application Preparation, Screening, Submission, and Support.