Element 7R – GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

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Restricted GMDSS radio operating practices. Questions concerning those GMDSS radio operating procedures and practices that are applicable to ship stations on vessels that sail exclusively in sea area A1, as defined in §80.1069 of this chapter, sufficient to show detailed practical knowledge of the operation of pertinent GMDSS sub-systems and equipment; ability to send and receive correctly by radio telephone and narrow-band direct-printing telegraphy; detailed knowledge of the regulations governing radio communications within sea area A1, knowledge of the pertinent documents relating to charges for radio communications and knowledge of the pertinent provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea; sufficient knowledge of English to be able to express oneself satisfactorily both orally and in writing; knowledge of and ability to perform each pertinent function listed in §80.1081 of this chapter; and knowledge covering the pertinent requirements set forth in IMO Assembly Resolution on Training for Radio Personnel (GMDSS), Annex 3.


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