Locations & Instructor Contact Information

Below is an interactive Google Map of our locations and instructors who proctor exams in those locations. 

Blended Captain’s License Course Locations & Dates Map

Click on the locations to get Site details including; address, dates, and instructor contact information. 

Online Captains License Final Exam Site

The cost of the in person final exams is included in the price of the modules. They take place by appointment at one of our USCG approved testing sites.

Follow these steps to schedule in person final exams:

  • Check out the interactive map below
  • Click on a location to get the instructor’s contact information
  • Contact the instructor and schedule a time that works for both of you
  • Show up with your Certificates of Achievement and take the exams

Your instructor grades your exams right then and there so you know what you got on each exam. When you pass your exams the instructor emails your student file to US Captain’s Training and we process your file. We then issue a Certificate of Training which satisfies testing requirements for the USCG.