Frequently Asked Questions

The section below represent questions that are frequently asked by mariners getting their captain’s license with US Captain’s Training. If you have a question about getting your captain’s license that should be added to the list please give us a call or shoot us an email.

  1. Complete a captain’s license course
  2. Send a complete packet to the US Coast Guard (USCG)
  3. USCG processes your packet and issues you a license

The Blended Captain’s License Course is 5 – 7 days long. The class starts at 8:00 am and goes until as late as 6:00 pm with an hour for lunch.

The time it takes to complete the four online modules that make up the captain’s license course varies by student. The average time frame is 2 – 3 weeks.

It cost $1,495 which includes getting the books and chart shipped to you.

The online course cost is $660. There are four modules which make up the course, they are Rules of the Road, Navigation General, Chart Navigation, and Deck General, each module is $165. So, $165 X 4 = $660.

Find a location that works for you using our Locations Page. Then put a deposit down or pay in full using our Enrollment Form. Give us a call and we can get you signed up over the phone (866) 293-9308.

To get started taking the Online Captain’s License Course follow this link to the online classroom. Create an account and enroll in your first module.

Click on this link and follow the instructions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygsypPuvVGs&feature=youtu.be

Print the Certificates of Completion for each module and bring them with you to your in person final proctored exams.

Once you have completed the necessary modules you can test by appointment. For locations and dates follow this link http://uscaptain.us/captains-license-locations.php .

The online course is a combination of video lectures, readings, practice problems, and quizzes.

The required textbooks are the US Captains Training Master’s book and The Navigation Rules International and Inland book. You will also need a laptop computer, mechanical pencils, notebook, calculator, parallel rules and dividers.

Yes you will. We created the exams from an existing bank of Coast Guard questions which will be covered in class.

Yes, you will take the in person exam at one of our testing locations.

Testing consists of four tests which are:

Rules of the Road

50 questions

90% or higher

General Navigation

20 questions

70% or higher

Chart Navigation

10 questions

70% or higher

Deck General and Safety

70 questions

70% or higher

All of our students must complete the online modules and because of this they are testing very well. Students grades are now higher than we have ever seen and they are testing faster.

We will send you a Certificate of Training and a receipt for the course. You have one year to send your completed captain’s license application packet with your Certificates of Training to the nearest regional exam center.

Download the forms from our website in the applications section and follow the step by step video tutorials or call the USCG National Maritime Center at 888-I-ASK-NMC (1-888-427-5662) and request your free small vessel licensing package for 6pk to 100 ton Masters License.

No. You have one year from the last day of class to finish your USCG packet and mail it to the USCG.

To qualify for a license you need 360 days on the water, 90 of those days in the last three years. If you have 90 days on a vessel 25 Gross Registered Tons (GRT) or larger or 180 days on a vessel 17 GRT or larger you qualify for a masters 50 GRT. If you have 90 days on a vessel 51 GRT or larger or 180 days on a vessel 34 GRT or larger you qualify for the 100 GRT license.

Document your sea time using small vessel sea service forms. For a complete explanation please watch our video series.

Take an American Red Cross standard or multimedia (CFR 11.205)

If you Google TWIC the first listing is this web site https://www.tsa.gov/for-industry/twic. Search for locations in your area and get the correct phone number to make an appointment.

You have to be resourceful and do detective work. Contact the facility that registered the vessel or dig up old insurance records of the vessel or find pictures of the vessel that show the registration numbers.

Pay.gov is the website the USCG uses to accept payment for the processing and issuance of USCG captain’s licenses. The processing fee is $100 and the issuance fee is $45. To make the payment, applicants need to go to the website pay.gov. In the top left side of the home page type “uscg” into the search box and click the search button. There should be nine results and the eighth one down is “USCG Merchant Mariner User Fee Payment” click on the red button under that heading that says “continue to the form.” Click on the “continue to the form” button again and you will be taken to the form. The first part of the form is applicant details and consists of general information.The second part of the form is a series of five drop down menus. The first is credential category and you should select “Officer Endorsements only.” The second drop down box is labeled type of endorsements and you should select “Original Officer Endorsement.” The third dropdown box will be grayed out and not available to select. The fourth dropdown box is labeled “Examination/Testing Fees” and you should select “Course in Lieu of Exam.” The fifth dropdown box is labeled “Issuance Fees” and you should select “Pay MMC issuance fee now.” Then click the continue button and finish up payment.

The towing endorsement allows you to engage in assistance towing within the scope of your license.

A sailing endorsement authorizes the holder to take paying passengers sailing.

If the vessel is documented, look on the certificate of documentation. You might get this information by contacting the vessel’s manufacturer. If all else fails just fill out the length, width, and depth of the vessel on the small vessel sea service form and the Coast Guard will calculate it when they go through your paperwork. Link to our tonnage calculation video.