Captain’s License Employment

Become a USCG approved “Qualified Instructor” for US Captain’s Training and this is how. Get your near coastal master captain’s license and complete our train the trainer module. Email your resume and we will send it with the train the trainer certificate to the USCG for approval. Then get a site approved to hold courses and proctor exams. You may choose to teach blended captain’s license courses in a classroom and proctor exams or just proctor exams for online students.

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The requirements to teach courses and proctor exams are:

  • Hold a near coastal master captain’s license
  • Complete a train the trainer course, or hold a degree in education

Send us your resume

Email your resume and we send it along with your train the trainer certificate to the USCG. They respond with an approval letter within 21 days and let us know what curriculum you are approved to teach and what exams you are approved to administer. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions (231) 946-5136.

Get a location

When you are approved to teach the curriculum you need to get a location approved by the USCG. This is a simple process involving three pictures of the location, the dimensions of the room, and a simple schematic of the room. We put the site approval together and submit it. The Location will have a 21 day waiting period before courses and testing are held which is mandated by the USCG.

Teach & Proctor

You may begin teaching courses and proctoring exams when the USCG has approved you and your location. Instructors are compensated per exam for online students that only need to test. In the case of blended classroom students instructors are compensated per student that attended the course. For more information about becoming an instructor contact us.