Test & Apply

Test & Apply

To finish the captain’s license process you must test in person at one of our US Coast Guard (USCG) approved locations. The map below shows all of our locations. A certificate of training is issued after successful completion of your in person final exams. Include the certificate of training in your captain’s license application packet. Your application packet should be mailed to your nearest Regional Examination Center (REC). The USCG will process and issue your captain’s license within 30 days of receiving your application packet.

Complete the modules

The flow of each online captain’s license module is like this. You enroll in the module and pass the first quiz which unlocks the second quiz and so on. Along the way are all of the resources you need to learn the material for each quiz. Once you make your way to the final quiz and complete it a certificate of achievement unlocks. The certificate of achievement serves as evidence of module completion and grants permission to test for that module. Print the certificate of achievement and bring it to the in person final exams with you. An instructor will be available via phone, email, or text to help guide you through the process.

Take the final exams in person

You must take final exams in person after you complete the online captain’s license exam modules. Students that complete the modules test very well. You get three chances to pass each exam module and you know if you passed or failed right away. The cost of testing is included in the price of the module. Find a location to take your final exams using the interactive map of our USCG approved sites below. When you pass your exams the instructor emails your student file to US Captain’s Training and we process your file. We then issue a certificate of training which satisfies testing requirements for the USCG. Include your certificate of training in your captain’s license application packet which you mail to a Regional Exam Center to get your license.

Available testing locations

Click on the dots to show instructor contact information and the location’s address. In addition, if blended captain’s license courses are held at the location the dates of the courses will be posted.

Send in your complete application packet

To get your captain’s license you must include your certificate of training from US Captain’s Training in your application packet and submit the packet to the US Coast Guard Regional Exam Center within one year from the date of issuance of the certificate. If you wait longer than a year the USCG requires that you take the course again and get a new certificate of training. Follow along with our step by step video series which covers every section of every form of the application packet. The application packet contains the following items:

  • Certificate of Training
  • Application
  • Conviction disclosure (if convicted of anything)
  • Small vessel sea service form
  • Physical
  • Drug test
  • CPR & First aid
  • TWIC application receipt
  • Pay.gov reciept

You can also send us an email or give us a call and we can help answer questions about your packet and keep you going down the right path. We are here to help.