Train the Trainer

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The Train the Trainer module allows existing captains and students to become US Coast Guard (USCG) approved Qualified Instructors for US Captains Training. The curriculum provides training experience and shows evidence of instruction in effective instructional techniques, as well as effective assessment techniques required by the USCG.

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To enroll in Train the Trainer:

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  • You are automatically enrolled in the course
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How it Works

The flow of each module is like this. You enroll in the module and take the first quiz which unlocks the second quiz and so on. Along the way are all of the resources you need to learn the material for each quiz. Once you make your way to the final quiz and complete it a certificate of completion unlocks. Print the certificate of completion and bring it to the in person final exams with you. At any point in the process you may call for assistance (866) 293-9308. We are here to help.

Train the Trainer testing sites

Click on the markers to get instructor contact information and sites address.


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