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Blended Master Captain’s License Course

Earn a master captain’s license and take unlimited paying passengers, up to 200 miles offshore, on a vessel up to 100 GRT. The Blended Master Captain’s License Course provides a great option for those that appreciate a dedicated window of time in a classroom environment to complete the course. This is our Fast Track to a master captain’s license.

The Blended Master Captain’s License Course is administered in a number of formats by different instructors. It is a good idea to contact the instructor for the course you are interested in and get some details about the format to make sure it is right for you. Blended Classroom Courses include the in-person final examination. Upon enrollment you receive access to the online modules which lets you get started right away and be well prepared for the classroom session when you arrive. Students should be familiar with the online modules before the first day of class.

Course Materials

The book package needed to complete the Master Captain’s License Course is included in the purchase price. It is shipped USPS Priority and arrives in about five days. The package contains the following items:

Exam Modules

The five Exam Modules listed below make up the Master Captain’s License Course.

  • Rules of the Road: International and Inland
  • Navigation General: Near Coastal
  • Chart Navigation
  • Deck General 50
  • Deck Safety 50

Complete the Exam Modules by passing quizzes which unlock topics sequentially. The final practice quiz unlocks a Certificate of Achievement for the exam module. Unlock the Certificate of Achievement for each exam module and you are ready for the Online Final Examination.

Your “My Courses” Page

Upon purchase of a course you are redirected to your “My Courses” page. This page shows your course and exam modules which make up the course you purchased. When you purchase the Online Master Captain’s License Course the following courses show up on your My Courses page.

  • Online Master – the main course that triggers enrollment in other courses
  • Rules of the Road: International and Inland – exam module
  • Navigation General: Near Coastal – exam module
  • Chart Navigation – exam module
  • Deck General 50 – exam module
  • Deck Safety 50 – exam module
  • Final Examination Master 100 – the final exams you take online with your proctor
  • USCG Application Packet Course – helps you fill out your USCG Application Packet

In addition to being redirected to your “My Course” page you will receive an email with the subject “US Captains Training Username and Password.” This email allows you to reset your password and access your account details.


The USCG qualifications an applicant must meet to hold a Master Captains License are presented below and based on the USCG Checklists

General Requirements

  • Must have U.S. Citizenship
  • Must be at least age 19
  • Medical Certificate Requirement
    • Original – Must hold a valid Medical Certificate or be approved for
      Medical Certificate
    • Renewal, ROG, New Endorsement – Must hold an unexpired Medical
      Certificate or submit a Medical Certificate application
  • Drug Testing Compliant
  • Mariner Fees must be paid

Sea Service Requirements

The scope or “Route Endorsement” of your license is based on the geographic location in which you gained your sea service and may be either Inland, Great Lakes & Inland or Near Coastal. A Near Coastal route endorsement allows the holder to operate up to 200 miles offshore and also covers “Subordinate Routes” such as Great Lakes & Inland. The tonnage of your license will be 25, 50, or 100 tons based on the tonnage of the vessel on which you gained sea service.

Near Coastal Master Captains License
  • 720 days total
  • 360 days seaward of the boundary line or on the Great Lakes (of 720 days total)
  • 90 days in the last three years (of 720 days total)
Great Lakes and Inland Master Captain’s License
  • 360 days total
  • 90 days on the Great Lakes (of 360 days total)
  • 90 days in the last three years (of 360 days total)
Inland Master Captain’s License
  • 360 days total
  • 90 in the last three years (of 360 days total)
To qualify for the Masters 100 GRT
  • 90 days on a vessel 51 GRT or above, or (of total days)
  • 180 days on a vessel 34 GRT or above, or (of total days)
To qualify for the 50 GRT
  • 90 days on a vessel 25 GRT or above, or (of total days)
  • 180 days on a vessel 17 GRT or above (of total days)
To qualify for the 25 GRT
  • If mariner does not meet the tonnage calculation for 50 GRT or more he or she is eligible for 25 GRT

Other Requirements

  • First Aid (completed within 1 year) (original only)
  • CPR (must be valid) (original only)

USCG License Application

You must submit an Application Packet to the US Coast Guard (USCG) to earn a license. You may submit your application packet to the USCG before or after taking a course.

IMPORTANT: Your course completion certificate (Certificate of Training) will satisfy the testing requirements for your license however, we recommend preparing your application and submitting it ASAP. The application evaluation process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. You do NOT need to include your course completion certificate with your application. If your application is evaluated and approved for issuance, you will be given one year to complete the course!

If you need help putting your application together, we have prepared the following resources:

  • A USCG Application Packet Course is included with your purchase! This course contains videos that guide you through each section of each form that makes up a USCG Application Packet so you can submit it to the USCG yourself.
  • We have created an Application Form Generator to help prefill some of the forms for you.
  • The National Maritime Center website has resources including live chat if you have questions for the USCG.
  • If this process seems overwhelming, time consuming, or if you just want professional help putting your application together, we recommend contacting Diamond Marine Services. The team at DMS have credentialing experts and former National Maritime Center evaluators on their staff and can quickly guide you to a complete and properly prepared application. You can reach them at 877-335-6341.

Application Packet

A USCG application packet contains everything the USCG needs to process and issue your captain’s license. Fill out the Forms and complete the Tasks below to create an application packet. Don’t forget to try our Application Form Generator!


The US Coast Guard (USCG) application packet consists of the following USCG forms. Visit our Application Page for video tutorials of each form.


To complete an application packet you must complete the following tasks.

  • TWIC – Applicants for original licenses must apply for a TWIC and include the receipt in their application packet.
  • Pay.Gov – Go to Pay.Gov and pay processing and issuance of your license. 
  • CPR & First Aid – Take this USCG Approved Online CPR & First Aid Course. Send a copy of your CPR & First Aid Card in with your application packet.

Application Packet Costs

The total cost of completing a USCG application packet will vary. The figures below are cost estimates based on our experience.

  • Physical and Drug Test – $160 – This is our best estimate for a physical and drug test.
    • Any primary care physician can complete the USCG Physical (719K).
    • We recommend US Drug Test Centers 866-566-0261 for scheduling a drug screen at a local lab.
  • TWIC – $125 – Applicants for original licenses must apply for a TWIC.
  • Pay.Gov – $145 – Pay for processing and issuance of your license. Renewals and modification of an existing license will cost less.
  • CPR & First Aid $74.95 – Online and USCG Approved.

Certificate of Training

The Certificate of Training satisfies USCG testing requirements. Once you complete the course and online final examination your Certificate of Training is issued. As a reminder, you can prepare and submit your application before completing the course. Keep in mind that due to USCG regulation, your Certificate of Training is only valid for one year.

  • If you completed the course first, please include your certificate of training with your application.
  • If you have already submitted your application, you can send your Certificate of Application via email to

Email your Application Packet

Please follow the USCG Electronic Submission Instructions to email your complete USCG Application Packet to the Regional Examination Center (REC) nearest you. The USCG processes and issues your license once they have evaluated your application packet. The USCG evaluation process takes about four to six weeks.

If your packet is incomplete or filled out incorrectly the USCG will mail you a letter explaining what additional information they need. Get that information together and send it to the USCG to keep the process moving.