Increase in Scope

Increase in Scope Course Information

Increase the scope of your captain’s license from an Inland or Great Lakes & Inland to a Near Coastal Master Captain’s License. A Near Coastal License allows you to go up to 200 miles offshore. 

Below is information about the Increase in Scope Course including:

Give us a call (866) 293-9308 to enroll over the phone or have questions answered.

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Increase in Scope Course

The Increase in Scope Course consists of three modules:

  • Rules of the Road
  • Navigation General
  • Deck General

Enrolling in the course

To enroll in the Increase in Scope Course Modules Follow this link and:

  • Add the module(s) listed above to your cart, view your cart and then proceed to checkout
  • When you purchase modules you are automatically enrolled
  • You receive three emails:
    • 1) username and password for the website shopping cart
    • 2) username and password for the online classroom
    • 3) a receipt for the purchase.
  • You can enter the course and begin to study

Class materials

To complete the course students need:

  • Rules of the Road Book
  • Textbook (optional – text is embedded in the online course)
  • Reference Book (optional – text is embedded in course)

All of these class materials may be purchased individually from our Bookstore

Completing the Increase in Scope Course

Passing all of the quizzes in a module unlocks a Certificate of Achievement and shows you are ready to test in person for that module. Print your Certificate of Achievement for each module and bring them to the in person final exams. Most students test for all three exam modules which make up the Increase in Scope Course in one day.

Scheduling final exams

The cost of testing is included in the price of the modules. The in person final exams take place by appointment.

Follow these steps to schedule in person final exams:

  • Go to our interactive map
  • find a location
  • get the instructor’s contact information
  • schedule a time with that instructor
  • Show up with your Certificates of Achievement and take the exams

When you pass your exams the instructor emails your student file to US Captain’s Training and we process your file. We then issue a Certificate of Training which satisfies testing

requirements for the USCG.

Certificate of Training

Include your Certificate of Training in your captain’s license application packet which you mail to a Regional Exam Center to get your license.

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