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We invite experienced mariners to proctor examinations with US Captain’s Training. We are constantly expanding our network of locations and proctors to create convenience for students. In addition to a network of proctoring locations we encourage our most qualified instructors to create schedules of classroom courses and share their knowledge face to face with aspiring captains.

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Step One – Get Site Approval

The first step is to get a site approved. Without a site you have nowhere to proctor exams or teach courses. We work with you to get a site of your choice approved by the US Coast Guard. Once submitted, site approval takes about seven days.

Step Two – Proctor Examinations

Once you have a site approved you may start proctoring examinations for students who have completed an online course. We have all of the files and forms you need to proctor examinations and when the time is right we share them with you and give you a tour.

Step Three – Teach Classroom Courses

To teach Blended Classroom Courses you must be approved as a Qualified Instructor for the course curriculum you want to teach. As a Qualified Instructor your Merchant Mariner Credential must meet US Coast Guard (USCG) requirements. For example, if you would like to teach a course that is near coastal in scope you must hold a near coastal route endorsement on your license. In addition, if you do not have a degree in education the USCG requires that you take a Train the Trainer course to be approved as a Qualified Instructor. We offer a USCG approved Train the Trainer Course. Link to Train the Trainer