FCC Element Courses

Online FCC Element Courses

Online FCC licensing is convenient, reliable, and affordable. Learn the material, pass the exams, and get your license via email. Save time and money because the entire process is done online and there is no need to visit a testing facility.


This is how it works

Follow the instructions below to enroll in an FCC element

  • Follow this link to the Bookstore
  • Click on the element that you wish to buy
  • Add it to your cart and then check out
  • When you purchase an element you receive three emails – 1) username and password for the website shopping cart, 2) username and password for the online classroom, and 3) a receipt for the purchase.
  • You can enter the course and begin to study

Once you have entered the course:

  1. Study the question bank
  2. Take the final practice quiz and get a 90% or higher to unlock the final exam
  3. Take the final exam and get a 75% to unlock the proof of passing certificate
  4. Email the proof of passing certificate to info@uscaptainstraining.com
  5. We will respond with a form for you to fill out and submit
  6. You need to register for a FRN number with the FCC
  7. When we get the info you submit we will apply for your license with the FCC
  8. Upon processing your license the FCC will email you the official copy of your license

We hope this helps you accomplish your goal.