Captain’s License and FCC Courses

We offer blended captain’s license courses, online captain’s license courses, and online FCC courses. Start the blended captain’s license course by completing as much as you can online and then finish in a classroom with an instructor over a 5 day period. Complete the online captain’s license course by finishing four online captain’s license course modules and then one day of testing in a classroom with an instructor. Last but not least the FCC courses are completed entirely online and the official copy of your license comes from the FCC by email.

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Blended Captain's License Courses

Earn your captain’s license in a blended captain’s license classroom course. The classroom portion of the course provides a set schedule to learn the material and pass the final exams. Complete all of the online modules and testing for your captain’s license in one fell swoop with the help of a USCG approved instructor.

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Online Captain's License Courses

Train for the captain’s license final exams on your own time. Learn everything you need to know to pass the final exams first try with a high score. Especially relevant for most, the online courses are accessible from anywhere at anytime saving you time and money.

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Online FCC Elements

Online FCC licensing is convenient, reliable, and affordable. Learn the material, pass the exams, and get your license via email. Save time and money because the entire process is done online and there is no need to visit a testing facility.

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